HyTrustPlus is a socio-scientific study accompanying the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme (NIP) of the German Federal Government

Forthcoming, the first fuel cell vehicles will be introduced in sales marking a new flagship and a significant step towards hydrogen mobility. However, hydrogen does not only play an essential role in mobility. Renewable energies and hydrogen economy are increasingly connected f.e. in the area of energy storage. Nevertheless, further steps must be developed to prepare infrastructure and to allow for a broad engagement of the population and relevant stakeholders. Therefore, the research project HyTrustPlus aims to effectively imbed general ideas, expectations and potentials of societal actors into the design of hydrogen economy. This way, the systematic transition to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies shall be formulated and shaped actively. 

Detailed information about HyTrustPlus and its working packages can also be found on this homepage.