HyTrustPlus is a socio-scientific study accompanying the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme (NIP) of the German Federal Government

Forthcoming, the first fuel cell vehicles will be introduced in sales marking a new flagship and a significant step towards hydrogen mobility. However, hydrogen does not only play an essential role in mobility. Renewable energies and hydrogen economy are increasingly connected f.e. in the area of energy storage. Nevertheless, further steps must be developed to prepare infrastructure and to allow for a broad engagement of the population and relevant stakeholders. Therefore, the research project HyTrustPlus aims to effectively imbed general ideas, expectations and potentials of societal actors into the design of hydrogen economy. This way, the systematic transition to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies shall be formulated and shaped actively. 


Project goals

Until now, hydrogen economy has mostly been influenced by its technical development. To enable a broad involvement of societal actors in its implementation this project sets itself the following two objectives:

  • Development of business and participation models for relevant stakeholders from industry, politics, associations as well as the local civil society
  • Creation of a societal consciousness of hydrogen mobility and economy as well as performance of educational work


What we do

We do research, inform, teach, facilitate and network.


Target groups

On the one hand the results of the project aim to enhance the knowledge of the population about hydrogen economy in general. On the other hand specific target groups like regional stakeholders, environmental and consumers’ associations and pupils shall be involved actively.


Project consortium

The project consortium consists of five research and consultancy institutes and will be managed by the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ). Alongside the InnoZ, the partners IFOK GmbH, re:member – Wandel mitgestalten, Spilett New Technologies GmbH and VKP engineering GmbH shape the project. Moreover, the project will be executed on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and supervised by the National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW).


Project duration

September 2014 until December 2016.



The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development already funded the predecessor project “HyTrust - on the road to a hydrogen-driven society” (2009 – 2013) researching the societal repercussions of introducing hydrogen and fuel cell technology in the mobility sector. Based on these results, the focus lies now on the societal establishment of the hydrogen economy in the context of the energy transition for the sectors electricity, heat and mobility.