The HyTrustPlus project comprises two main areas allocating different research and implementation propositions:


(A) Development and evaluation of business and participation models for relevant stakeholders from industry, politics, associations as well as the local civil society.


  1. Funding concepts for first-time buyers of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  2. Analysis of the acceptance of governmental funding measures
  3. Civil workshops to build up a network of hydrogen filling stations in Germany
  4. Intersectoral participation and cooperation formats to establish hydrogen economy
  5. Stakeholder dialogues to develop regional utilization and finance concepts

(B) Creation of a societal consciousness of hydrogen mobility and economy as well as performance of educational work to prepare the change of system.


  1. Create learning locations where hydrogen economy can be experienced
  2. Civil dialogues about the role of hydrogen for a decentralized energy supply
  3. Consultation with environmental and consumers’ associations