Civil dialogues about the role of hydrogen for a decentralized energy supply

The decentralized production of renewable energies and their storage in form of hydrogen offers various possibilities to decentralize the energy and heat supply in a greater extent. Striving for decentralization causes for previous structures in power plants, energy suppliers and energy providers amongst others upheavals. This way cities and communes gain in importance, because new jobs and adding value as well as self-sufficient energy supply develop. A decentralized energy supply offers citizens the opportunity to be part of the energy supply and to engage in the process. 

Re:member will conduct civil dialogues to understand how citizens imagine the future of energy supply and which role decentralized energy production and storage in form of hydrogen will play in this context. However, the civil dialogues shall not take place in a vacuum, but rather be tied to projects about decentralized energy supply or become the bases for such projects in the communes.

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