Civil workshops to build up a network of hydrogen filling stations in Germany


The market launch of the first serial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is just around the corner. In summer 2015 the Toyota Mirai will be available on the German market, 2016 the Honda FCV Concept and Daimler announced its launch in cooperation with Nissan and Ford for 2017.  To accompany and prepare the market launch of these vehicles, a comprehensive grid of hydrogen filling stations must be built in Germany. H2Mobility – a consortium of petroleum companies and industrial gas suppliers as well as one automobile manufacturer- is carrier of the initiative. Until 2023 the public hydrogen infrastructure shall be extended to 400 filling stations in all Germany.


Therefore, it would be reasonable to adopt the planning of the supplier-side to the needs of the future private consumers. The buildup of the infrastructure should be suitably designed to support the introduction of hydrogen mobility and stir more users towards the use of fuel cell vehicles.  Moreover, an inquiry on funding concepts to build up an infrastructure of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will help to raise acceptance in society. Therefore three civil workshops will be organized in German regions, where currently hydrogen filling stations are planned or already built.

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