Create learning locations where hydrogen economy can be experienced  


The awareness of the topic of the hydrogen economy shall be increased within the population by the creation of learning locations offering the possibility to experience it firsthand. Therefore, the module hydrogen economy and in particular hydrogen mobility will be integrated in a showroom about the energy transition, which is currently being designed and planned at InnoZ, for further illustration and explanation. It is possible to show visitors the possibilities of electric mobility embedded in hydrogen technology and the energy transition and to arouse interest in its formation.


Besides a mainly technical-informational examination of the topic, hydrogen technology shall also be displayed at the EUREF-Campus according to the motto: “Science you can experience”. The goal is to realistically show visitors its complete value chain: beginning at the production of renewable energies, passing on to the usage of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, while incorporating possibilities to gain driving experience. 


Reshaping the future also means involving young people in the early stages of the development and seeking a dialogue with them early on. After all, today’s adolescents are the future users and judges of the hydrogen economy. Since hydrogen is still in its early stage of development, adolescents will be acquainted with the technology betimes through the educational locations. 

In the context of the learning locations IFOK will integrate a two-day visit for school classes to stakeholders of hydrogen mobility as a part of their curriculum. The adolescents gain a direct insight into the current and future development in regard to hydrogen production, development of the fleet, as well as the buildup of necessary infrastructure. Thereby, they will discuss the possibilities and expectations of the future hydrogen mobility with the involved companies and other societal and scientific stakeholders.

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