Funding concepts for first-time buyers of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles


This work package reflects on economic questions connected to the development of hydrogen mobility in Germany. Two key aspects will be examined:


Business models in hydrogen economy

One of the goals is the analysis of potential business models in a hydrogen economy. In a first step, business models will be identified by corporate inquiries, expert interviews and a literature analysis. The researched business models excel in their applicability in the mobility sector as well as in their general relevancy for hydrogen economy.

Subsequently, there will be an inquiry on the expectations of relevant companies about the development of economic key figures. In conclusion, potential business models will be classified according to their possible role in a future hydrogen economy.


Identification of an economically efficient funding policy

A further examination will help to determine to which extent possible governmental funding measures are able to accelerate market penetration of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Based on an optimizing approach and users’ surveys, the research will identify how financial support can be designed economically efficient pertaining to buying incentives.


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