Stakeholder dialogues to develop regional utilization and finance concepts


Regions play a significant role in the implementation of the energy transition: They are locations for renewable energy power plants and simultaneously energy consumer. Supply infrastructures like electricity and gas grids or filling stations are already part of the everyday life and form the scenery and life quality. Even today it is visible that more regions want to make use of their creative leeway and show a great interest in discussions and developments of energy supplier concepts. Regional energy supplier concepts based on renewable energies are a key aspect of energy storage. They allow for a sustainment of temporary excess energy for a later demand in the region. Hydrogen fulfills the requirements to assume the role of energy storage and moreover, it enables the use of electricity in the mobility and heat sector.


Together with stakeholders from the administration, economy, politics and society in a selected region it will be discussed to what extend hydrogen technology can yet contribute to a regional energy supply and which regulations prevent its implementation. As a result of the dialogue process, a substantial draft will be developed concerning the implementation of regional energy-hydrogen activity, or respectively an analysis addressing the necessary steps in field of technology, law and funding measures.

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